Some useful tips how to reach us by road

Our address:
Široka ulica 41, Mandre, island Pag, Croatia.

The island Pag is very well connected with the mainland, you cross over
the bridge PASKI MOST, situated on the eastern side of the island. From the capital Zagreb, take a state highway A1 and drive 260 km south towards Zadar and take off on the exit 16 near Posedarje. Once you reach the bridge, it takes 35 minute drive to get to Vila Dora.
This route is convenient for guests coming from Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia.

Northern access to the island Pag is using a ferry Prizna- Zigljen to which you can get by driving on the state road D8 (European road E65), coming from Rijeka through Senj. A ferry drive lasts approx 15 minutes by crossing marvelous channel Velebitski. From the ferry station on island Pag to our Vila Dora in Mandre, the drive takes around 15 minutes.
This is convenient route for guests coming from Italy, Switzerland, France , Germany and Slovenia.

Here you can get a sense of distances from bigger European cities to the island Pag

Zagreb (321 km, 3h25min)

Czech Republic
Praha (965 km, 10h40min)
Brno (798 km, 8h40min)

Bratislava (718 km, 7h34min)

Budapest (668 km, 6h45min)
Pécs (556km, 6h30min)

Kraków (1060km, 13h00)

Maribor (419km, 4h 35min)
Ljubljana (258km, 4h 16min)
Celje (415 km, 4h 38min)

Wien (673km, 7h00min)
Graz (488km, 5h20min)
Salzburg (530km, 7h05 min)
Innsbruck (702 km, 8h 33min)
Linz (705 km, 7h24 min)

Trieste (211 km, 3h45min)
Venezia (371 km, 5h45min)
Udine (284km, 4h26min)
Verona (465km, 6h05min)
Bologna (504 km, 6h21min)
Milano (625km, 7h32min)

München (662km, 8h13min)
Stuttgart (887km, 10h19min)
Bonn (1363 km, 12h50min)
Frankfurt am Main (1195 km, 11h30min)
Berlin (1379km, 13h 15min)
Nürnberg (829 km, 9h39min)
Zürich (900km, 10h 22min)

Genève (929 km, 10h35min)

We suggest to use online maps and planners for even more details about your trip.

You can find some useful information about island Pag and tourism on the island, check the following links: