Different people, different needs

We are proud to offer our apartments to small or bigger families or young couples or couples in a golden age, there is a convenient space for everyone. 

There are two big apartments situated on top floor of Vila Dora with a marvelous view at the sea and nearby  islands. You will be enjoying an early morning on the balcony or a terrace but even more an unforgettable sunset. Both apartments have separate side entry, in forms of oval shape stairways, nicely illuminated during night time, so you can easily find your way to your bed when you return from a night walk, a dinner or a party. Even though you will be here for your vacation, you might need to use your computer or tablet, so we have taken care of that and introduced the wireless Internet. Just let us know and we will provide you an access code.

Apartment Bela

Our most recent addition, as of 2014, it is very modern, yet nice cozy space for relax and enjoy your time. Either stretch and relax in conveniently air-conditioned rooms or get on the balcony w here the shadow of the green leaves will protect you from noon sun.

This apartment is just perfect for couples, however young family with a baby will find it very convenient because it has easy access to a parking space.

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Apartment Adriana 

The apartment Adriana is nicely suitable for up to 4 people, it has beautiful covered terrace, probably the best space in Vila Dora (many like that terrace, even sleep there during warm summer nights). It has separate room with a queen bed, a bathroom  with a shower and a living room with a retractable bed, which sleeps two persons and from where you can watch a satellite TV. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven and a coffee-machine, so you can enjoy your breakfast. Air conditioning will help you to enjoy in your afternoon naps or a night sleep during warm summer nights.

We would suggest apartment Adriana for younger families or couples.

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Apartment Luka

The apartment Luka can take up to 5 or 6 people. On the balcony you can enjoy early morning breakfasts or late evening suppers, or maybe even get some nice sun tann during hot noons, but we would not recommend, even though we have prepared sun umbrellas just in case. It has separate room with a queen bad, a bathroom  with a shower and a big living room with two single beds and one retractable bed. You can relax here by watching a satellite TV. The kitchen is also equipped with a microwave oven and a coffee-machine and the air conditioning is also at your convenience.

We would suggest apartment Luka for bigger families.

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